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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wow there are some pretty lame commercials for the Canucks in the playoffs! Let's be honest-even the people in the community centre quilting the Canucks flags look vaguely embarrassed to be there!

In any case, go Canucks, but too bad about some of those commericials, don't you think?

Work was crazy today! I think we were all a bit stressed out, between distribution, computer issues, the new Weekender going to print earlier than normal because of Golden Week, Japanese speakers showing up when Helen was out of the office (how many gaijins does it take to screw in a Japanese light bulb? More than 4 apparently!), having to finish the tricky feature, and being generally a bit un-genki today, it was a little nuts!

Working on BAB layout tomorrow, hopefully it all goes together OK!

Taught after work, apparently there is a new addition to the family, a little girl! I didn't meet her, but heard her fussing a few times. The little girl I teach was so excited about her, it was very cute! She's been helping out apparently...

Got home around 8, made some dinner (leftover leftovers haha), and settled in with Venus for some crap tv - the hills (fantastic!!), and ANTM (also pretty great so far).


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Julie said...

I'm from Vancouver and moving to Japan, too. I'll be living in Tokyo for a year starting in May. I also lived in Victoria for eight years. Keep in touch if you ever get lonely for someone from home!