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Friday, April 06, 2007

So, late blog today as yesterday ended up being quite the lengthy night. It wasn't so much a late night as an early morning. :)

I went to work for a few hours yesterday afternoon to work on the feature for the upcoming issue, and got a pretty good start on it after we finally figured out a good slant to take with it. At about 5:30, a few of us went to Suji's to kick off the weekend with a drink, and I then at about seven, I went up to Shinjuku to meet Sarah and her friend Jack. Jordon was supposed to come, but wasn't feeling great, so we just had to party it up without him.

We went to an izakaya first and had some Korean BBQ... There were a couple of really random kinds of meat, including what we think was likely intestine. It was actually pretty good, if a bit chewy (think "tastes like chicken" with a meat meets fat kind of texture... I ate a couple of bits of that, but I gave the other mystery meat a miss. After having described it to Peter, he figures it was probably chicken throat. There were little rings of cartilige which had some kind of meat/skin/fat/?? stretched over them. As we cooked them, they kind of expanded a bit. Honestly, I don't feel like my life was missing the experience, so I gave them a miss! The other generic meats were, as usual, totally delicious!

After our three hours were up we got kicked out of our little booth and headed to Shibuya at about midnight, and went to the HUB, which is a British pub. We were having a good chat, and the two guys beside us (foreign), were having way too much to drink! They were falling down under the table drunk, it was fairly nasty! After we got kicked out of the HUB when they closed 2 we headed to Atom for some dancing. We cut that fairly short after about an hour and a half, because the music was pretty crap for dancing, to be perfectly honest!

Since by that point we were all commited to the whole first train thing, we headed to a coffee shop and chatted until the first trains started running at about 5:30. Since they don't run often, and I had to transfer at Omotesando, I ended up getting home at about 6:15 - it seemed very light outside to be just going to bed!

Slept till about 11, and then up to watch ANTM with Peter and now about to go teach back down in Shibuya.


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