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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So yesterday, I was randomly wide away at 6:40, and much more randomly, running by 6:50! I think I had the idea that I should go for a run, and then just managed to get out of the house to do so before I actually thought it through, which was well done on my part! I left V. here b/c she is so annoying to run with, and went all the way down the green space to the end of the park, stopping at the bars and stuff for some ab and arm work. I ended up staying out about 40 minutes, so it wasn't exactly a long workout, but better than nothing! I kind of think I might want to join a gym here though, as especially when it gets hotter, there's no way I'll be running outside, and lots of them offer classes as part of your membership which would be cool... My Japanese might increase to include 'bend, and stretch, pant and jump'!
There were quite a few people out running, walking, and working out including this guy who was practicing his golf swing, sans ball, as I did stuff on the bars beside him...

I came back to the house, grabbed V, who was pretty pissed off because I'd left her, and she knew I'd gone for a run, and took her for a walk which seemed to placate her OK. I was listening to This American Life, which was, as usual, great. They were talking about 'great jobs if you can get them', and interviewed the PC guy from the apple ads, an astronaut, and a guy who will buy your yearly lottery checks from you in exchange for a smaller lump-sum payment, plus a couple of others... As usual, very interesting!

Work was busy as usual yesterday-I wasn't teaching, so I could stay later, and that turned out to be a good thing - lots to do! We have a Weekender going to print today, and then a new Weekender and a BAB coming out shortly-we're sending them to print before Golden Week, so its all going to be a bit nuts the next two weeks I think.

Yesterday felt kind of like being on a soccer team and we were playing against a team that was hard but that we knew we could beat if we played smartly, and then ended up 1-0 up about 10 minutes before the whistle, where you know you still have to play hard, but there's also like a giddy feeling of thank god running between everyone on the field... Hard to explain, but yea, kinda like that!

I also found out (and maybe should have known already, but let's face it, really didn't!) that 'is' is a verb. Which when Peter and Hitomi pointed out that it was part of 'to be' makes more sense, but I really wouldn't have called it that. Luckily, most native English speakers I've asked about it also had no clue, although unsurprisingly the ESL/bilingual people all did.

Anyway, I left at about 6:30, and met Sarah down at ABC by the station, and we proceeded to chill for about 30 minutes before the Orbitune wedding party for Bobby at TGIFriday's. We went to Donki and I bought a couple of little birthday presents for Brit and Cyd (happy birthday girls!), and then headed to the restaurant, a bit early, but that's OK!

Spent most of the time hanging out with Sarah (as we do), and Tom, and also saw Jordon, freshly back from Hong Kong, briefly. Unfortunately, I'd been feeling kind of crappy all afternoon, and TGIFriday party food/smokiness is not a good thing for a slightly unsettled stomach! I had a really good time, but I was pretty much ready to go when we left and collapsed into the car and then straight into bed. Luckily, I'm much better this morning, and so off to finish getting ready for work (and then teaching) today.


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