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Saturday, April 07, 2007

So the rest of my day between when I last posted and now--not so interesting!

I went to teach, and it was actually better than expected, which is good! We sat outside the NY's Cafe too, which was really nice - pleasant weather this afternoon! After that, and since Peter's guests had been postponed again, I walked around Shibuya for about an hour and a half. I was kind of trying to find the Aoyama Book Center that I've walked past a couple of times (including last night), and can never pick out when I want to! Thinking about it right now though, I think I remember when we walked past it now, so maybe tomorrow morning I can go after I teach at 10.

I came back at about 5, and Peter was out getting ready for a Canadian Chamber of Commerce (I think?) event tomorrow, where they will be having pancakes and watching the Toronto/Montreal hockey game tomorrow at....

...8am! Early desu ne?!

It didn't take long for me to succumb to the pull of the nap, which was great, but of course, supremely unpleasant to wake up from. I did try and wake up, a couple of times, unsuccessfully, but after two nightmares, one of which featured Peter being pissed off at me for an un-determined reason, and the other which involved me getting a knife pulled on me by this red haired 20-something year old American kid (think Archie), in some residential backstreet (in Japan), and then when I screamed, he was like, OK - I'm heading this way (away from me), but actually followed me... I dropped my bag for him, but he kept following me, until I ended up in an all-white, all-American type middle school, which apparently I was attending at the time, and managed to get him locked into the media room. I do feel bad for using some tiny girl to shield myself from him at one stage, though!

Luckily we caught him, and then I woke up and decided it was time to get up properly, at least for a bit, have some food, and then, yes, probably get ready for bed properly - I have to be up at 8 to teach, I might as well get lots of (hopefully nightmare-free) sleep beforehand!


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