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Friday, April 20, 2007

Was up ridiculously early this morning - around six, to go for a run. I decided to run away from my house and take a train back, which worked except I ended up running off course a bit to go check out the Tokyo Riding Club which was very quiet (as might be expected!) There were a couple of people schooling - why are all the horses and riders here so ridiculously nice? But basically it was deserted, and all the gates were shut, so it was a bit pointless, but it was still good to finally check it out. By the time I ran back to a station, it turned out to be only one away from mine, but I still took it and saved myself a very hilly kilometre and a half, which by that point, I was NOT interested in tackling!

Work was good today - was mostly working on the BAB may layout, which is probably about half finished by now...I like this kind of designing because its mostly just being neat and organised and filling in blanks as opposed to actually designing anything. I think that's probably why school wasn't so great for me - I couldn't just do the kind of stuff I enjoy doing, which obscenely boringly, would be something like textbook design...Weird, I know!

Be that as it may, so far, touch wood, its going pretty well I think... There were more of us than usual for a Friday, and so the office was a bit more lively than is typical, I think. Helen and Emma and I actually took a proper lunch, and had a nice meal together at ZEST...

Left at about 6:45 and headed home, and then Venus and I walked back to the station to pick up Sarah who was here for a girlie night in...We (er, she) managed to order pizza (AND use a coupon!) which was pretty impressive, although we didn't quite manage to sort out the cinnamon sticks...Probably just as well as between us we had PLENTY of food! Yummy though!

We kind of watched a couple of movies - Crash and RENT, but ended up chatting through most of them, up till now, when we are both very ready for bed, so I'm going to crash! 6am-2am is a pretty long day!


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