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Friday, February 04, 2011

Circus School!!!!

The day finally came :) I think my body wishes it hadn't, but it was great! I ended up being the only student in both my classes, and had a great time in both. So far I like hoop/trapeeze a little bit more, but silks was fun too. Hard! They both are. Lots of upper body strength, but that will come pretty quickly. As will the man hands. I have two rips already--very 1994!

I don't remember all of what we did, but here's a relatively complete selection.


knee hang, bird's nest, mermaid, stand, tuck hang, angel, half angel, old man on the moon, plank


pike mount, straddle mount, fetus, old man on the moon, mermaid (maybe?)


square pose, cocoon, inverted straddle, inverted angel, pullover into sitting on the knot, pullover, plank, candy cane knot.

Can't wait until next week!

Feb 2

More work on new things at canter. Scissors were the big (bad) thing. I have to work on making the turn with my hips and not just flailing around. My last one was finally a little better; once Susan convinced me that landing on the horse wouldn't be the end of the world, I was much happier to keep my legs closer together.

In better news, my sideways sadie with no hands felt pretty stable this week, and I also did my first shoulder stand at canter! It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be, which is always nice :)

Also did a pretty solid stand at canter, and front/sideways stands at walk, and hopped back and forth between them.