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Monday, April 23, 2007

Very bizarre morning today! The plan was to go for a run--away from home for a few stations, and then jump on a train to come home. It all started out OK - I ran through Shimo Kita and into Setagaya-ku, and then promptly got a little lost! I ended up finding my way out onto a big road that I recognised from biking to use the vaulting barrel. In the end, I managed to find a station, in the end just one from Shimo Kitazawa, at the far end of a big loop. However, taking the Odakyu Line into town, just a couple of stops away from the end of the line, at 7:45 am, is crap! The trains were soooooooo incredibly fulll! I tried a couple of times to get one, and both times, the people kind of squished back and then sprung forward, ejecting me back onto the platform. I'm sure being kind of yucky from my run and in bright blue spandies wasn't helping my cause much either!!

I finally gave up and rode away from the house a few stops and got on an in-bound train in Kyodo, where I managed to get on, and then over the next four stops, get completely squished into the far door, so that there was no way I was ever getting off at Higashi Kitazawa, and remained a prisoner of the train until Yoyogi Uehara. The whole mess took about 45 minutes to run, and an extra 45 minutes to travel two stops!

I found a bizarre story today, which is pretty ambitious and interesting, but also pretty nuts! It is, however, a good blog for you to read as well. Check out 1000 Days at Sea to read about one couple's journey around the world on their schooner - for 1000 Days straight. They set sail yesterday from NYC, and don't plan to touch land again in the next 3 years! If they manage it, they'll be breaking all sorts of isolation/length of travel time records. It's being likened to a mission to mars, as it takes around the same amount of time and isolation as a mission to mars is projected to take.

They've taken 200 pounds of parmesan, pasta, dry goods, fish traps, a desalinator, a small library, solar powered satellite and GPS hookups, and each other. They've learned to set bones, other first aid, and plan to blog daily (I give them 3 months before they're dead bored of blogging about the same old ocean!)

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