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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Today is post 230, plus six months in Japan! So glad I'm not leaving tomorrow!
I was, however, asleep a minute ago, and hoping to go back to that state, imeediatly - so, proper blog tomorrow. if you won't let me just end this thing, you have to expect a couple of late posts!

OK, so the rest of the story:

Woke up pretty early to teach in Shibuya at 10. It was pretty boring - he didn't have any taxi stories, and was, as usual pretty tired, so we kind of talked about traveling for a bit which was good, but the hour just crawled past!

Then, I had a two hour break before teaching my stylist guy, who was just back from NYC, so I went to get some spring clothes at UNIQLO - a few pairs of shorts and a top, and also a purse from Jeans Mate. I'm pretty sure it actually came out of the men's section, but since half the guys in Shibuya are more feminine than me anyway, I'm not too worried about it! Its like a small messenger bag kind of, I wanted one so I didn't have to keep slinging a backpack around all over the place, but one that I could also zip up and put all the way over my shoulder...So success all around.

Met up with my second student at one, and heard all about his trip, which sounds like it was pretty fun, if totally full of work and not too full of sightseeing! After we finished, I jumped on a train and raced to Azabu Juban to Nishimachi International School to see a press preview of Pirates of Penzance, put on by the Tokyo International Players, a community theatre group over 100 years old.

Unfortunatly, I hadn't left myself quite enough time, and raced the wrong way through a huge station to make my connection (like 700 meters out of my way) so when I got there, I threw my shopping in a locker and bombed it up the huge hill to the school, getting there about 2 minutes early, but all hot and bothered! Of course, it was very relaxed and casual, and didn't get started for like 15 minutes after I got there... Oh well!

It was great though!!! They are about 2/3ds of the way through the 3 month rehersal schedule, and its looking really good already. The day before was their off book deadline, but they did an admirable job of getting all of their lines and cues down - the music is complex as anything-they showed us a page of music, where one line was broken into about 15 parts. Crazy!! I'm really looking forward to seeing the full version of the production, it should be great!

Headed home to a sulking Venus - Peter went to Vegas for a conference till next weekend, and she always hates it when the suitcases get packed! We spent the evening chilling out together - eating leftover bbq food (the only food in the house!), and watching oooold FRIENDS... They really should have kept making that show!

And that brings us back to me falling asleep on the couch, and waking up to blog the top paragraph...

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