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Monday, April 09, 2007

So I let myself take one day off from blogging, and have emails and phone calls asking where I am. Sheesh!

I'm here, just didn't have too much interesting to talk about - yesterday I taught, hung out in yoyogi koen for a bit, went to the library, came home, hung out, saw Peter when he came home at 5ish, walked down to Origin for bentos, and we hung out watching TV (peter) and reading (me) for the evening. We also had a chocolate cake from a box which is pretty tasty!

See, you didn't miss much!

These two in Yoyogi Koen were quite entertaining though - the guy in the black suit ran around making himself into the shape of various different instruments (pictured here as a guitar, he was also a drum kit, triangle, bass, and more), and he made the sound of the instruments, while the other guy 'played' him, and sang along. It was pretty funny!

Today, I stayed very close to home! First Navina and I chatted for quite awhile - since she's coming soon, she's started to make her list of things to do, so we were talking about that, and getting caught up which was good. After that, I had an email from my madre asking me if I was out gallivanting all night again since there was no blog, so I phoned her, since I haven't talked to her for awhile, and we got caught up.

By the time I finished my phoning, my ear was sore and it was nearly 2! I then moved firmly onto the couch to write a TOEIC scrip and read, before finally, around 6, dragging my ass off the couch to go for a run. I also walked to the little grocery store near our house to get food for dinner, which turned out pretty well!

I made a stir fry with cabbage, red peppers, carrots, shallots, garlic, bean sprouts, some kind of mystery mini-mushrooms, mystery sauce from a bottle, and chicken. It was really, really good over rice!

And that's about it, just chatting with Sarah, tidying up the kitchen a bit, and in general getting organised for another busy week at work starting tomorrow.


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