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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So it's all been a bit 'more of the same' around here, with tons of work and school...We have a BAB going to print in about 2 weeks, but luckily already have quite a bit of stuff in and to me, so we should be fine for it, fingers crossed! I also have a recorded assignment, essay, observational assignment, and midterm next week, plus a tutorial presentation the week following. Therefore, today is supposedly a big work day! However, I didn't get started till noon and now I'm blogging, but it WILL pick up, really!

Of note was October 15 a couple of days ago--one year exactly since I got on a plane to Japan; wow! I remember that pretty clearly, but going back through my blog, its interesting what I've already re ordered a little bit about that year... The trip is also very much split in my mind in January,which makes sense since we left Japan for a couple of weeks in late December, but also, moreso, because of starting at CPI January 10. So it's basically pre and post starting at CPI I guess...

Speaking of which, I should get back to BAB and also to school stuff :s... I'm ready for semester to be done! 6-weeks to go, alas...