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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So people talk a fair amount about foreigner crime here (that weird book/magazine they mentioned in Metropolis awhile ago comes to mind), but I'd never really seen anything to support the outcry (which is a little overkill anyway, as I think foreigners, who are about 1% of the population, commit something like 1.5% of the crimes, so its not exactly hugely disproportionate). Anyway, today I was checking out the izakaya which just opened or re opened near our office, and as is typical when a new business opens here, there were these tall flower arrangements outside.

I was just checking out the menu when I saw this woman 'shopping' through the flower arrangements and making her own bouquet! She was just going from stand to stand picking out flowers and greenery and making a pretty large bouquet. At first, I thought maybe she was involved with the place and was planning to take them inside into a vase or something, but we ended up at the crossing together a minute later. So, I guess she could have been taking them to the owner or something....but honestly, that's not really the feeling I got. Besides that, she had a Russian passport in a folder, and the Russian embassy is just down the street, so I'm thinking she was just passing through the neighbourhood.

(Nice flowers, ne?)

Anyway, work today was pretty good - I got the UK feature done which was a relief, and then started to proof the Apr. 20th Weekender which goes to print this week. The new BAB is out in the next couple of days as well, which I'm excited about! <--amazing really, given how many times I've read it already!

I was back at teaching today, as Spring Break is over for the kiddies, so that was fine - they didn't have too much homework, but it went pretty smoothly, and we read some Mulan-that girl is BIG on Disney!

Came home, as did Peter, surprisingly early. We had an evening of delicious crap, including KD, popcorn, the Hills, the Apprentice, and in just a second, chocolate cake.

Oishii desu!



Anonymous said...

You mean, the Russian woman stole the flowers? How bizarre...

dani said...

I know hey? It was bizarre!

Jack said...

a link to crime stats in Japan-it's from a google search, so it must be true!
I work in the prosecutors office in los angeles (usa) and while she was stealing flowers we probably had 2 murders, 3 rapes, 25 assualts and 10 people walking out on their starbucks bill.

Nikki said...

wow - that puts it all in perspective, doesn't it?