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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sarah and I had a pretty chill morning involving pancakes, but both of us had to get going fairly early, so we left around noon, and she headed off to study and I headed off to teach twice and then continued on to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku to pick up a ton of brochures and pamphlets and stuff for Navina's trip here on Friday!

Came home around five and hung out, Peter got home from Vegas/LA around 9, so that was nice to see him again and hear about his trip - Venus was very excited! We just got bentos for dinner and then watched Desperate Housewives - great as usual.

I've been surfing around trying to check out the various music festivals recently, and although Fuji Rock looks great (and includes Mika (my current fav. album!), the Shins, Feist, and loads of other acts I'd love to see, its really expensive, and three days, so I'm thinking its not going to happen, but...Summer Sonic looks great - its two days in Osaka and Tokyo (and the acts switch after day one), but they've done an admirable job of putting everyone I would be interested in seeing on one day, so I think I might try and go to this... Modest Mouse!!! Sweet!

Tired, and teaching at 10 tomorrow, so off to bed now I think!


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