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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I'm still alive, despite mid-nearly end (thank god) of term trying to kill me...Have started vaulting over here which absolutely fantastic! I'm already learning a lot and I can't wait for it each week! This is my new club--Sky Vaulters... I'm starting to do bits and pieces in vault and its sooo fun!!! I'll also be starting gymnastics at Omega soon, (home gym of Gail Mackie for those 2 or 3 people who actually follow Canadian gymnastics!) so I'm excited about that as well--I was meant to go tomorrow, but Sasch and I decided today to take Toby to the Whitecaps vs. Galaxy Game tomorrow night, where David Beckham is playing. It's at BC place which should be fun--50, 000 people or so!

I also, after reading on this morning that it was 'make a friend/join a club month' for me, improbably found the Japan club at SFU and made two sort of friends in the process! I was on the bus and couldn't help but overhear a very lively discussion between a a couple of girls (I think the whole bus was listening!) I heard them say " the SFU..." but couldn't hear what they were saying... We got to the skytrain station, and on the platform, I went up to them (pretty uncharacteristic for me!) and was like "Umm I heard you guys talking about something about Japan at it a club?" They looked pretty shocked, but happy when they heard I wanted to join, and were very interested to hear about my trip over there...

It was only as I was walking home from the station that I remembered I was meant to join a club this month...

Slightly weird I say....slightly weird!