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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got up at tenish this morning, and left fairly early to go to the cafe where I was teaching today, as I had TOEIC podcast writing to do, and wanted to get that finished before rather than after...

It was a gorgeous day today, so enjoyed walking to Shibuya with a metpod... which was entertaining with a Bill Hersey interview by Kong :) I need to get some summer clothes soon! We're at like July in victoria weather today, so even if it is cool another few days, there are definitely days where we can whip out the tank tops and shorts! (if one were to have tank tops and shorts, that is!)<--and why one should really join a gym!

( I love how in Shibuya (err, well anywhere in Tokyo really!), there's always a good spectacle on the street... She looks like a regular enough biker girl, until you get a look at those stilettos.... leopard print-i-ness, desu ne?!)

Teaching/chatting was fine, though I'm maybe not the best person to answer the question 'what should my Japanese friend who is a girl do to get a Canadian boyfriend?' Ummmm really? I could guess a few things that might work, but I'm really not sure! Hang out at Heartland for awhile?

Anyway, after that I head to Tokyu Hands, shop of everything, and picked up a few things before heading home. Peter and Hitomi and Peter's friend and two kids and V were all at the Komazawa dog park for the afternoon, so I had time to send a couple of emails and then, with perfect timing, they got home.

We had a nice evening BBQ, enjoying the end of the day with the gorgeous weather! The kids were cute and loved Venus' dog door and ramp - a big hit to run in and around the house, seemingly! Tasty food, all very casual but worked well.... Nothing like a BBQ'd cheeseburger!

They headed home fairly early for the kids' bedtime, and so we just watched Desperate Housewives, and now I'm blogging and Peter is watching The Daily Show... I'm teaching in the morning and he's off to Vegas (to work, so he says), tomorrow, so I get the place to myself for another week, and then he's home for 4 days, and then gone for 2 days, and then Navina is here for a couple of weeks-fun month coming up!


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