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Thursday, April 05, 2007

After work today (new Weekender out--it was the summer issue, summer camps special insert, and my photo of Brit and Tonya jumping around at Island View Beach on the cover, BAB to print, proofing, distribution, writing), Karin invited Nine and I to go with her to the opening of a new club space in Roppongi called Stereo, as she knew someone involved in its opening. Looking at the site, it seems to be more of an event concept within the flower space, but I'm not strictly sure on the details.

Its a really nice place, quite posh and surprisingly chilled out and quiet for a Roppongi venue! There were random movies playing silently on several screens and djs, although they'll be hosting live events with all sorts of music except punk on the bill... I think I'll probably try and go back there, it was really nice!

Left Roppongi at about 8:30 and headed home, where I made rice and gyoza (dumplings) for dinner. We've had them sitting in the freezer for ages, but I've never actually made them before, and it was a bit of an adventure in Japanese package reading to figure out what on earth was going on. Luckily, there were cute little sketches, and I know the kanji for minutes, so I could basically figure out the plot - the amount of water that went in there was a total guess, but they ended up OK, so that's good...

Peter said he'd be home around 10, so I left his food for him and went to start watching a movie about the 1954 Tokyo Olympics, which is turning out to be LOOOOONG!!!! Its quite interesting - very artistically shot and with little voice over action, they basically go through almost all the sports with lots of slow motion/closeup/artistic cinematography. On the one hand, its really lovely, and plus, its the Olympics, which I love, but on the other hand, there is sooo much of it! Its 2 hours in, and still going strong. I have to admit to having a bit of a nap during it, and when I woke up it was really like I hadn't missed anything! I have to go back and watch the gymnastics, which I slept through, but it wasn't like I lost the plot or anything!

Its pretty interesting to see Japan at this time though, when there were so few foreigners here. As they say in the movie, never had so many foreigners come to Japan at one time which is pretty interesting. I guess Japan really didn't change its isolationist tune very long ago at all, which I never really think about day-to-day, but this isn't exactly ancient history, and its a pretty bit moment for the country.

The sports are interesting as well - its seems like they were much more 'amateur' then, not necessarily in a bad way, but in that most of these people had other things going on in their lives at the same time - busy being carpenters or school teachers as they trained for the marathon or whatever, and there also seems there was a lot more genuine sportsmanship, but that could just be what is getting shown. (BTW-running a marathon in bare feet does not seem like the smartest idea!)

So yea, off to re watch the gymnastics, and then go to bed - I'm working in the afternoon tomorrow and then going out for dinner in Shinjuku in the evening...


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