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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ugh, I keep forgetting about this here blog until I'm seconds from bed and not wanting anything to do with it! Yet I can't go to bed without something, A, because people complain too much (why?! Shouldn't you be glad for the stem of the drivel!) and B, because I've been doing this nightly for way more than 21 days, and therefore, it is now a deeply ingrained habit!


I taught this morning and then went through Yoyogi Koen on my way to the library - they were having a huge earth day fair there, very hemp and farmer's market ish. It looked like it was quite good fun though! I got a 'save the shimokita' button to lend my support for the movement against the overpass through nearby Shimokitazawa... I might not spend as much time there as one might expect, but it's way too fun and cute and cool to be paved over!
After I got home I chatted with Navina who is coming out here in five sleeps(!) and then Peter and I headed out to Costco for the afternoon which was fun as it always is! We hadn't been since January, so we had lots of food to buy - 2 carts worth! We didn't have to come home with the roof open, but it was close! There were an amazing number of people leaving the place with only one or two items though-we spent quite a bit of time in the hotdog and pizza-eating zone laughing at them as they went up the magnetic escalator to their cars with one tray of sushi or one bottle of febreeze. Honestly, what is the point? And speaking of those escalator things (you can take your carts up and down them, and they get anchored by magnets in the wheels), I can just see the headlines now - "Magnet fails and kills three as overloaded carts fly down angled ramp" They are fun though!
(Because apples shouldn't be allowed to intermingle apparently...hard plastic bubble packing for them)

The only bad part about the expedition was not getting to go to soccer, but I guess I got some exercise tramping around through the store, and having loads of food in the house makes it totally worth it!

We watched The Player, a Robert Altman movie tonight. I thought it was kind of weird, and while I wouldn't say I liked it, per se, I certainly didn't not enjoy it (for someone who hates double negatives, there were a lot in that sentence I think!) It was funny, because on the DNTO podcast today, about 'spamocrisy', they quoted the movie when they talk about test screenings, and then Peter picked it out, not knowing about that. Weird how you can go around having never heard of a person or thing, and then suddenly, they are everywhere.

I'm going to work tomorrow so that I can have the day off to get organised and get Navina on Friday, which means that I need to sleep now! (and get up in like six hours...yuck!)

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