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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There's nothing quite like a Labrador going out into the rain at 7:00 this morning, and then deciding she's cold and that the only thing for it is to get under the covers with you! Silly V. decided to do just that this morning, which was very annoying, as I didn't sleep well anyway, and then just as I'm getting my last hour of sleep before work, this cold, wet dog jumps up on my bed and starts trying to break into the warm covers. I was trying to ignore her pointed 'let me in!' nosing around, but then she just stood on my head, so I let her crawl under, yech!

Anyway, damp dog excepted, it was a pretty average morning/day at work - lots of proofreading of the BAB about to go to print, and filling in blanks, looking for photos, etc. Speaking of work, we have a new and improved website which just went live-check it out at
It's good that will keep all you obsessed/voracious readers busy for a little while - not such an extensive blog today!

I left work around 5:30 and went to meet Sarah in Shibuya (the new pasmo system is great, going between the metro and JR with one handy-dandy card!) Too bad I can't put it on my phone tho-I managed to find that out at the softbank store in Harajuku yesterday which was quite funny - as I walked in, the guy like looked at me, looked scared, and then sprinted off for some English-speaking backup.

Oh - random trivia, the Krispy Kreme across from Takeshimaya Times Square (known ubiquitously as the 'shinjuku krispy kreme', is actually in Shibuya-ku supposedly.

Met up with Sarah who came one a fairly unsuccessful shopping mission with me (thanks for the help though!) Before we met up with her friend Ginger at Outback Steakhouse. For once, the people shoving stuff at you as you walk by them came up with a helpful handout - a coupon for Y1000 off our meal.

We had a fun dinner and then I walked home and am just hanging out with V. Peter is still at the office, or something...his computer and leftover subway lunch are at home, but he isn't, so not sure where he's ended up for the evening...


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