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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Navina is coming tomorrow, which is very exciting and should also feed the blog a bit! I've just made up her futon, (probably the only Japanese experience she's going to have here), put out the new BAB and Weekender on her pillow, with some guidebooks and tons of brochures, bought both of us SUICA cards (like passmo, except they're out of those cards at the moment so you have to get SUICA), and chucked the last few dishes in the dishwasher. I think we're basically good to go for her arrival tomorrow.

Which is handy, as I'm heading in to work for the morning--just until 3 or so, in order to get BAB off to the printers. A combination of me being slow (hopefully b/c its my first time doing it), and not having all the content has meant that we didn't get done today as we were (fairly optimistically as it turns out) hoping to.

I got up at six again this morning to go for a run-down to Harajuku, started to feel my shin from the concrete, so headed back on the train and then did a bunch of stretching once I got back. It was very weird to see Takashita Dori completely devoid of people, and with cars on it!!! At 7am this morning. After that, off to work, and kept going on BAB layout before a lovely lunch at Wolfgang Pucks with Helen...

I taught after work, and the kids were pretty cute - very much enjoyed the Narnia picture book I brought - the boy wants me to bring the novels in, so if I can find The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at the library, I'll bring that for him, it will be challenging for him, but probably he can just make it through if he wants to.

The rest of my night, which was a lovely dinner that I don't really want to get into the reasons for it at all on here, but I do want to say that I work with/for some very lovely people and it was very appreciated!

Oh, and by the way, why on earth is the Olympic torch for the Beijing Olympics going via the top of Mount Everest? I mean, its kind of a cool idea, but there are just SO many potential issues!

That's about it I think-I'm going to work after all tomorrow, just until 3, at which point I need to get to the airport, but in any case, I need to get up early...

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