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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Took advantage of a break in the rain this morning to go for a quick run... it was really quick, but better than nothing, and better than anything-pain free! I have soccer 'penned' in this weekend, and I'm trying not to cripple myself on the way! My whole room smells like the menthol pain spray they have here though - very, very, very minty! Silly V decided to stick her nose in the spray while I was using it, and spent the next half hour scrubbing her nose on the carpet - it must have been really cold and tingly!!

Work today was mostly concentrated on the Homes feature, but 'Nine and I also went and interviewed a couple of kids with 'cool rooms'. They had a lovely place, and a great family! Their rooms were cool too - you'll have to check out the May 4 Weekender to see them. Great kids too-very smart, outgoing, and well traveled!

After work it was Girls Night Out in Paddy's, so a few of us headed down there, and about a dozen people came, including Sarah, so we spent time hanging out, and chatting with another lady we met there who sells chocolate for a living - nice!

Sloshed home for about 10, to a relieved Venus, I think the poor girl thought I'd left and forgot to work out rations for her, and now we're curled up on the couch watching Gilmore Girls (new, finally!), and thinking about early bed...(well, early-ish anyway!)


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