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Sunday, April 29, 2007

So a busier day today, starting early as I taught at ten-it was in Shibuya, so Navina and I took the train down there, and then walked from the station through Shibuya up to the cafe where I teach, to give her a vague idea of the area, and then she went to check out the area for the hour or so while I was teaching.

Just after 11, when I finished, we headed through Yoyogi Koen, checked out the flea market and general assembly of odd characters always in the park on Sundays before heading to Harajuku. We checked out the cos play and Takeshita-dori, went into some of the shops selling the cosplay stuff (I should really sort myself out for Halloween before I go home!), and got her picture taken with some Harajuku Girls by the Meijijingumae eki. We walked back through the park, stopping to listen to some J-pop (the fairly full on set up for the band Lovee was a highlight!) before continuing on to ZEST for lunch. Its too bad they don't do lunch sets on the weekends, but still a good meal - I've never been to that ZEST, its definitely more themed than our normal lunch one we go to for work!

We wandered home after that and took the scenic route back, walking through some residential areas that I've never been in before, and then went to the grocery store for some salad stuff and hamburger buns. Trouble was, there were no hamburger buns to be found anywhere! We've looked in like three grocery stores now, and none of them have any-we ended up going with hot dog buns and cutting our hamburgers in half-lateral thinking and all that.

Just after we got back, Sarah came over, and took over our kitchen to make cookies which was great! Leslie and Ginger also came over and we had our BBQ - lighting the damn thing was quite the issue, but we finally got it going, and had slightly crispy chicken and tasty burgers. It was a fun evening, pretty casual and chillaxed, with just the girls.

Everyone headed home at about 7:30, and I convinced Navina to stay up into the double digits tonight, so we just chatted for awhile and now she's working on more Desperate Housewives.... I should be writing stuff, but I'm thinking that there is a pink book with my name on it!

Cirque du Soleil tomorrow!

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