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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Busy, busy, busy day today! Worked from 10-8:15 (we did take a lunch break at ZEST though - YUM!). BAB is going to print ASAP and since I won't be in the office on Friday so that I can get Navina from the airport (so exciting!!) we're trying to get everything in and proofed (and lined up and ragged!) tomorrow. Its really unfortunate that I have to go and teach, since I'm guessing I won't be ready to leave work at five! Ah well...

After work I went straight to Pecha Kucha night for Super Deluxe vol. 41 (no photos, sorry). It was GREAT! I was tempted to go straight home after work, but I'm glad I went! I thought the quality of presenters was higher than the one last month, and there were also fewer of them, so we got out of there at 11 (home around 11:40, POOR V!). Highlight presentations included a woman working for MIT in the states in the kinetic innovation lab or some such thing, who has created these blocks which can learn movement and then repeat the motion, so you can build an animal and teach it to walk or something like that.

The guy who designed the interactive lights that were part of the Omotesando Christmas display was there, talking about how you could interact through the net or with your keitai to somehow control the lights with your voice (?) --he was speaking in Japanese with English subtitles that were quite basic.

Mark from KDA did two presentations on a recent trip to pick out the house of the year in New Zealand - amazing houses and what an absolutely stunningly beautiful background provided by the country! All of the houses he showed were in really rural areas, but the views of the mountains and the water were amazing (and this from someone who generally couldn't care less about the view!)

It was crowded, as with the last time-standing/sitting on the floor room only, although I did manage to run into Ginger which was quite funny-I know I keep saying it, but in some ways, this town is SO small!

The event is in a ridiculous number of cities/countries now, with, for instance, the first one in Tel Aviv next month. I should start one in Vancouver! They showed a picture of one recently held in Melbourne, with 700 people inside, and 300+ watching outside on huge screens. The event went from 10-12am and then the party carried on till 3! Pretty amazing! Super-Deluxe is a fantastic space, but if they're not careful, they're going to outgrow their own venue with these events!

Alright, time for bed!

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