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Friday, April 27, 2007

So had one of those mornings where you dream you are getting ready for work or school, but fail to actually be doing so, as you are, in fact, slumbering. Doh! Luckily, Venus woke me up by licking my face and standing on my head, so I managed to only be about fifteen minutes late, and stopped at Starbucks to suck up for it on my way ;).

We managed to get BAB almost all the way ready to go to the printers today which was great, especially since we don't send it until Tuesday, so we're if not ahead of, at least abreast of the game.

I left at three to go get Navina, and accidentally missed the first of three trains I had to take by literally a minute (I totally would have made it if it were on the Hibiya line - I was in the station, but the Oedo line is something like 17 storeys down, and it just took me that extra few minutes to descend into the depths...

Anyway, I managed to eventually get to Narita at 5:15, which since Navina's flight got here at 5, should have been OK. I was pretty surprised to get stopped at security between the station and the terminal. She asked for my passport, and I was like 'uh, just going to arrivals', and she was like 'id card'? So I'm like 'gaikokujin'? And in the end that (my gaijin card) was fine. Lucky! So I get into the terminal at like twenty past, thinking its all good, and then see on the board that her flight has been delayed for like two hours. So I was just randomly wandering around for awhile waiting, like probably half an hour, in and out of the arrivals area, and then went to this little internet booth, checked my mail for something to do, and idly surfed over to the NWA site, which was claiming her flight had landed twenty minutes early.

I was like OH NO! So I rushed back to arrivals, and on the big board, her flight was showing as delayed, still, but on the little board, as arrived, an hour ago. There were a few people straggling through the doors, and I was really hoping she'd be one of them and that it had taken ages for her to get her luggage or something, but no, she finally spotted me and walked over. Turns out she'd been waiting for me since just about exactly when I got to the airport! I think we were walking around the terminal not running into each other probably!

Luckily we found each other, and I hadn't gone to Starbucks to wait, which was my original plan, as that big board was still claiming a delay of nearly 2 hours! Weird!

Anyway, we made it home in one piece-two hours, three trains, a lost suica card, and a ticket-stealing machine later! I did offer the bus as an option, but I think, if I pick people up from the airport again, I'm going to basically insist on it! With the multiple train transfers and everything, its a pretty brutal trip! We randomly started chatting with a couple of Taiwanese girls on the train though - she'd majored in Japanese at UBC, and was just visiting for five days, but Navina's 'Victoria' label on her suitcase sparked off the requisite BC conversation...

We straggled home just around nine, to a very excited Venuppi Puppi, did the quick house tour, and then let Navina crash. Hopefully she won't be up too early with the jet-lag! It doesn't really matter, because if we go see Jordon's band tomorrow night, we're not going to be getting much sleep then either, so there's probably no real hope of a sleeping schedule until Sunday night/Monday...

I got a very exciting suitcase full of fun stuff from home, including art/design/golf magazine, PINK books!!!! (I was reading Steinbeck, but I think he's just been pre-empted!) and Stone Wheat Thins!!! It's like early Christmas!

So, I think I'll probably select the pinkest of the pink books, and curl up in bed--haven't really got much sleep this week and its going to be busy in the next few days/weeks!!


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