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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

*Today's blog is not strictly rated G*

There are just some events which, I can safely say, would leave me absolutely and utterly baffled if I ever happened upon them. Seemingly the Daily Mail in England is a great source for such events in their 'Wacky World' section of the website.

Like this one for instance...

"Surgeons battling to save a man's penis after he hacked it off in a restaurant have sewn it back on...stunned witnesses told how the man jumped up onto a table, dropped his trousers and cut his penis off in front of horrified diners in a packed pizza restaurant."

Gives a whole new meaning to whacking (off) your meat, doesn't it? My head=firmly in gutter, but geesh, the mental images! Egads!

And then since we're sort of on the subject, and its always entertaining to see just how litigational the US can get, here's a lovely tidbit from"When a Florida phone-sex worker developed carpal tunnel syndrome in each of her busy hands, she took the case to court. Now she gets her satisfaction from workers' compensation checks." And uh no--the carpal tunnel didn't originate from fast-fingered dialing...more like 'double clicking her mouse' one too many times!

But seriously, someone actually represented her in this case against the worker's comp board! His last name was Slootsky too; isn't that just such a perfect sounding name for an ambulance chasing, opportunistic injury attorney?

Now that I've entertained and mildly shocked you sufficiently, you might not notice how comparatively boring me day was, right?

Weekender went to print this morning, but we were actually ready for that with plenty of time to spare, so on to new issues and articles! I finished the style article for BAB and then started doing research for the May 18 feature of Weekender. Karin, Kieron, and I headed down to Suji's for lunch and I had my first ever philly-cheese steak sandwich. It was very, very good!

I left kind of early (well relatively speaking), at about 4:30, as I was after a bit of a break before I went to teach, and also had to select and photocopy materials for them in case of a lack of homework (which, of course, there wasn't really tonight!)

Got home around 8:30 and made dinner of rice and meat and tomatoes and onions and garlic and lots of seasoning, all sauteed together and then wrapped up in tortillas, covered in salsa and a bit of cheese, and baked. It was sooo yummy! Filling too. As a make it up as you go meal, it went pretty well!

Since then spent about an hour passed out on the couch reading wacky news and my current book, by Jennifer Weiner--Goodnight Nobody. I think I'm going to give up on seeing Peter tonight, leave his diner out for him and go to bed -my alarm is set for a run tomorrow, and if I'm going to have half a hope of getting up, I really need to crash now!


PS, on a more serious note, the Lucie Blackman case closed today, with her accused killer, a millionaire property developer, getting acquitted for her murder, but sentenced to life for another girl's murder. It's a pretty sick story (they found her body in a cave, with her head encased in concrete), and her father seems like a right ass, taking money from 'associates' of the accused (roughly 500 000GBP) in exchange for signing a piece of paper and giving it to the police saying that there were issues with the prosecutor's case. I guess here they do some kind of payment like that, where if you accept it, you are kind of forgiving,and if you pay it, you are admitting to having done something wrong and apologizing for it. I can see that for a fender bender, but for a brutal murder? I should note that her Dad (her parents have been divorced for a long time) was acting against the express wish of Jane, Lucie's mum.

How horrible for everyone.

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