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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger ate my post! At least I think it did - its usually so good at auto saving drafts that I'm a little confused by the total -white screen of death-i-ness' of the whole thing...hopeful for a recover, I'm not re blogging yet, but in case it doesn't come back before you Canadian readers wake up, the gist of it was - Music and Lyrics is a cute movie, with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore you can hardly go wrong-the press screening today was entertaining, if not exactly Oscar-worthy.

I love chick flicks and chick lit, and the rom-com escapism was perfect for today! I was actually pretty impressed with Hugh Grant singing all of his songs on the soundtrack. Tone deaf though I may be, I thought he did a good job!

The other point to my last point was about my gravy, which was looking as though it might be a disaster but turned out well in the end. I was trying to make the kind of gravy that's involved with 'hambaaga steki' a very popular (and tasty!) dish over here, with the left over hamburgers, but we didn't have any gravy mix, so I just made it up as I went along...Water and bullion, reduced for a little while, and then followed with cream, reduced further, and then some flour, which I was a little bit worried about as I was too far along to make a proper roux, and at this point, it was looking pale and pasty, and so I added BBQ sauce in an gave it a stir and a prayer to the kitchen gods, and it actually turned out really, really well! I think its probably pretty similar to a Southern white gravy, but as I've not had much to do with Southern gravies, I really couldn't say for certain!

Finally, on a more serious note, how horrible was that shooting at Virginia Tech yesterday? The largest single act of gun violence in the US, 33 people dead last I read. It reminds me of the Montreal Massacre (although this guy was a little more indiscriminate, I think), but still, how horrible! For what its worth, my thoughts go to those involved...

(who apparently re-blogged) after all

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