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Friday, April 13, 2007

Work today was good fun-my new day is Friday, and its really quiet in the office, just Helen, Kieron and myself, so lots gets done, but its also Friday, so pretty relaxed and whatnot. Caroline also dropped by for a bit, so it was good to see her as well... I was working on BAB mostly, especially since I'm going to be laying it out from now on, so I started to get stuck in on that. There's a pretty well established look to the magazine, so its really just dropping in new text and images to the existing template, which is good! So far so good, though I expect trouble on the day we go to print, as that is just typical!

Helen and I went for a lovely late lunch at Suji's, she doesn't usually get to come out with us, so it was fun to have a non-work related chat over lunch... Jason customised his hot pastrami sandwich for us (having never had one, I'm not exactly sure what was changed, but it was oishii!). We also got to have salads instead of fries which was a great break - good salads are fairly hard to come by here!

Just before we left, I went to the post office, and got the guy who is really never impressed with me for some reason! Anyway, he was first pissed off because I had a big pile of stuff to mail, and then told me off (all in Japanese) because we'd put the 'printed matter' stamp on some envelopes that didn't need it... I didn't exactly catch what he said, but I think it was along the lines of 'that'll be 80Y anyway you useless gaijin!', and then, the stamp that we put on that's like a postage stamp was incorrect for some reason, so he just gave me the pile of envelopes and new stamps and made me stick them all on myself. Which is fine, but isn't that somewhat what they get paid for? The best part was when I finished and paid and then handed him the two letters I'd held back. You could just see him thinking 'uhhh what?' (separate receipts required).

Anyway, after we finished at about 7, Helen and I headed to Paddy Foley's to get a table for the pub quiz. Our team name was the 'Just in it for funners' which was probably a good thing, as we had fun, but sucked all around! We ended up coming in sixth, and getting booed by a couple of the punters in the bar. But we were all still genki at the end, so that's fine!

Very oddly ran into a couple of people I knew from futsal, who were looking rather different in their suits and office attire than when we're all running around sweating and looking rough on the field! Unfortunately, I can't go this week as I'm going to see the Tokyo International Players put on Pirates of Penzance at the same time (which is cool, I'm excited!), but I'll definitely make the effort to go the following week...
(rough week? asleep on the platform of Yoyogi Uehara as the second-to-last chiyoda sen train came in)...

Got the last train home from Roppongi and ended up getting in at about 12:45 or so... Off to bed now though!


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