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Thursday, May 31, 2007

These cats are missing something....oh yea! Hair! Click the pic for some very nice, if odd images of these little hairless critters... What was Rachel's called on Friends? Mrs. something? anyway...

This is cool t00-A Harry Potter theme park! Would be cool to get on platform 9 3/4 and head to Hogwarts! I want to play quidditch!

Anyway, so work early, around nine, got distribution ready to go (it was SO organised, even Skinny the Takubin man thanked us for having it together, before going 'it would be nice if it could be like this EVERY time' under his breath...Oh Skinny!)

Then worked on the US/Canada issue (sucks Canada's not celebrating July 1 here in Tokyo!), and then did BAB till lunch, when Helen and Jen I went to ZEST, and from there, Helen and I went to the City Club of Tokyo to interview them about their ladies luncheon's very nice!

After that, I headed to Sanno, since it was close, to spend some time with Peter, and gave him his birthday present from Mom, Grampa, and Me-we got him a set of medallions (gold, silver and copper) minted for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, in a little white case in really good condition considering its age!

Then I headed back to the office for around 4, running into Caroline at Midtown on my way past, so we had a quick chat and then I headed off to finish up BAB... I stayed till just before 11, with a quick break for a HUGE takeout Suji's omlet, which was massively ginormous!! Also saw Anthony and a couple of his friends at Suji's, so sat and chatted with them while waiting for my takeout-seriously enough food to feed a family! I was starving, and only ate about half!

Got home around 11:50, and then took Venus for a walk till 12:20, poor thing is getting a bit shafted with Peter away! Then I waited till SFU woke up at 1, and called various people until I finally got ahold of someone who would help me, it was quite funny-I had a list of questions, and every time I'd ask one, she'd be like 'thanks for calling', and then I was like 'no, so ok...' and ask another question...Finally, I was like 'look, I'm calling from tokyo, it's kind of hard to get ahold of you, I'm just going to ask all my questions now', and that was fine... In bed at 2ish, and 8am came early for work!

Just going to get ready to go now....
Happy Birthday, Peter!

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