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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

So the new Weekender is out today--May 4, Homes and Houses, which looks good! I like this issue, especially the fun cover, it's so cute!

A new issue means new distribution, so after an early morning run, I went in to do that and dragged Navina along to meet the whole crew. She helped with distribution in the morning, and then everyone headed down to Suji's for lunch. Hopefully it lived up to her expectations--seemingly the blog has built up quite a reputation to precede our meal! It was fun for everyone to be able to go down together and great to see Caroline, with fantastic pink hair!

After lunch we headed back up to the office for a little bit before skivving off to start the second half of Golden Week with a trip to Kichijoji. We went to Inokashira Koen and walked around there for a little while - it had turned into a perfect afternoon and was absolutely gorgeous! Then we headed back into Kichijoji and explored for a little bit - there were some very cute tiny alleys filled with adorable standing bars, and lots of other little tiny shops and stuff. It was great--such a cute area!

Then we headed home and chillaxed, with Navina continuing to work her way through DH, and me discovering some very interesting blogs written by teenagers living in Iraq. I love the BBC (did some link following). These stories are amazing, and generally very well written! Check out A Star from Mosul to get started - she has lots of interesting links on her blog, and she's crazy smart as well-she graduated from grade 6 (like our grade 12 I think) with a 97 or 98% average or something like that, and is now around the top of her class studying communications engineering at uni.

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