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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Again with the photos, as really, I'm too lazy to be writing these days! So. Today was:
Navina standing under the Torii at Meji Jingu Shrine in Yoyogi Koen (See Jan. 8 for more images, with loads of kimonos!)

(flower arrangements at meiji shrine - heard in passing: "So yea, when you get invited to do flower arranging at Westminster that's like the pinnacle of your flower arranging career. And my mom? She got invited" The conversation was made all the better by the accents of the two guys, who then went on to ponder if Westminster is "like that place where you can only get married if you're a knight or something?")
(Something official going on all the way inside the shrine, and accompanied by some BIG, earth-shaking taiko drumming)

(Navina hanging her prayer votive (I think) plaque)
(Wedding ceremony - one of two we saw parading through. A very nice bonus! Note the HOT fur lined kimono she is wearing- we figure this must be very unpleasant in the summer!)(wedding party with CUTE kids!)
Meiji Shrine/courtyard
near the entrance
pre-entry cleansing... left hand, right hand, mouth, handle

Stylin' Harajuku dog with quite the hair cut and dye job!A scary cat and foreigners dressed up very oddly during a photo shoot for something on Omotesando...both live......and at kiddy land..

Also ate yakisoba and meat on a stick from a cart near the gift shop at Meiji shrine, did some birthday shopping, watched some Sex and the City, made our schedule (pretty busy!) for the next 12 days, checked out the Ralph Lauren store, walked the backstreets of Harajuku a little bit, researched classes at SFU (me only obviously - they've FINALLY processed my HS transcript as of today, let's hope I get in!). The video below is of a random guy by where they do the cos-play by Meijijingumae eki, dancing to his random semi-stripper music, and generally getting his 'hipalicious' groove on. With his back resolutely turned towards the audience. I love how every time you leave the house, there are at least one, or ten, totally random things such as this!

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