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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Today got off to a pretty relaxed start as I wasn't teaching until 1, in Shibuya. We headed down there, and I went off to teach while Navina went for a bit of a wander and then came up to the cafe to wait for me... We hung out there for a little bit after my lesson, and then headed a couple of streets over for some more ramen. So good! I think this basically needs to become a regular after teaching on Saturday lunch!

After that, we headed to the Imperial Palace East Gardens, not really sure what to expect, as we'd been told you couldn't see much, but still wanted to check it out anyway. Unfortunately, we didn't realise they closed at 5, so we only had just over half an hour to check out the gardens, which were beautiful! I actually took pictures today, but haven't down/uploaded them yet (I really think it's time I go pro at flickr!) so these are Navina's....Mine will come later-they're pretty similar, anyway!

Amazingly, we ran into Nine and her sister, here visiting for about ten days in the Gardens! As Navina says, 'that's like running into someone in CANADA'. It was fun to run into them, and they gave us a great osusume for the best place to spend our few precious minutes in the gardens!

After that, headed home and hung out- I kept working on this (research intensive!) article for Weekender, and Navina watched Casino Royale (for the fourth time, lol). Then I took V for a walk, and we did the download photos/blog/laundry/dinner domestic thing...

Tomorrow: teaching, lunch with Sarah, and hopefully, futsal.
Cool lens flare action on Navina's part! Some part of the castle defence system... The actual castle itself is really hidden away and you can only just see the top of it poking through the trees...

Posing by the river...
Finally a shot together after I accosted a poor Japanese couple and thrust Navina's camera at them...
A very small Navina under a very big gate
And me being dwarfed...these gates really meant business!

Taking photos (I have a similar shot of Navina on my camera!)
Interesting juxtaposition between the old gate and the modern city beyond...

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