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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've really only got time for these sort of stream-of-consciousness blogs at the moment..between work and facebook (likely mostly facebook!) I'm just not that into it at the moment! Anyway, its probably good to try and keep up with the day-to-day stuff, at least so there's a bit of a record..will try and maybe do a proper blog on the

up at 6:20, gym till 8, work by 9:30, heard about Helen and the nutters in Roppongi, BAB all day, lunch at My Lebanon (really, really good, and we sat in a cute little room with cushions and stuff-the building used to be a sushi bar we think, the bar is still there, and we were definitely in what was/is a tatami room...), went with Emma and Jen to try some tasty hot dogs at Madison Park Cafe in midtown (dog in the park, with avocado and stuff, hold the dog, with grilled eggplant and mozzarella, and the bird dog, with spicy yet sweet chicken breast chunks). Really good-there'll be a review in the June 15 Weekender, so check that out!, after eating, went to visit Peter, who was eating a pretty gourmet meal himself-no shoe leather hospital food here! He had a lovely medium steak, which was melt in the mouth good apparently, and since his butter knife was gliding through it, it seems pretty good! Also had his silver tea service, etc... Besides that, loads of things have been delivered from visitors, so his fridge is chock full of goodies!

Went back to the office to meet up with Helen and keep working on BAB and getting organised for distribution tomorrow...Stayed till about 9:30, and then stopped off for gyudon on the way home, except that I ended up with some kind of weird kimchee instead of pork on the top... Unfortunate! I should have looked at the vending machine pictures a little more carefully!

Stopped by the comeni on the way home for some squeezable 'coolish' icecream (like a little metallic pouch, and you suck the icecream out of a plastic tube at the top) because I was still feeling all spicy from the kimchee, got home around 10:40, facebooked around a bit, and now, 11:30, and off to maybe read a bit and then go to bed....


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