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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Taught taxi guy this morning, then got itabashi and iidabashi confused (believe me, they sound similar!) The police officers at the koban thought I was a total idiot when I asked them for directions, and they realised that the place I was asking them about was in iidabashi, not itabashi, which is where I had ended up. They explained what trains I had to take and half an hour later, I was back on track...

Spent the afternoon hanging out with Peter, reading magazines etc. I did a tower records run and picked up METROPOLIS (the design one), Esquire for Peter, and CondeNaste Portfolio, a new monthly business/lifestyle magazine, which is really nice and pretty interesting, but maybe not worth the 18$ (its only like 6 at home)

Origin tonkatsu bento for dinner, chilling with venus, facebooking (addictive!!), writing, missing vaulting, researching, and emailing this to bed now--early morning gym, then work... We have a new girl starting tomorrow-exciting!


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