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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Worked today as Navina headed out to Ueno park and Asakusa for the day. Today was Nine's last day of work, which seems crazy, since she just started a few months ago, but she has to head back to Europe for school and work, so unfortunately, today was her last day. As a result, we all headed down to Suji's for a farewell lunch.

The new BAB also came in this afternoon (Weekender went to print too, so busy day!), and it looks good, although I'm a little scared to actually look at it too carefully, convinced as I am that I'll find a mistake we didn't catch BEFORE we went to print (and therefore can't fix now!). I think all the photos and everything came out OK though, so that's good--that's what I was the most worried about I think.

After work, I went to teach, and that was fine as well--multiplication sucks as much now as it did ten years ago, but the novel study for the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe that I found online was good, so that was successful.

Came out and found that it was PISSING down rain, very very weird and unpleasant--even with an umbrella I was getting wet!

Stopped by the gym in the station on my way home and decided to join, so I'm going to go do that in the morning... I went in there and they gave me an English schedule and also spoke some English which is great. The cheapest time is also the best for me, M-F 6:45-10 (before work), and has some good classes, including stretching, ab/upper/lower body sculpting, step, etc. Of course, there's the regular gym, and then also a pool, so hopefully it will be good! They're also having a special on now where the first month is free and you get Y3000 in the store, so it kind of cancels out the membership sign-up fee.

Apart from that, just hanging out at home-work tomorrow and then we're going out in the evening/night/morning, so probably don't expect a blog!!



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