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Saturday, May 19, 2007

So despite today being the one day that I could sleep in, of course I didn't, and was awake at 8:30, whereupon I checked my email, and found out that I got into SFU. Which was definitely nice to find out, it was taking quite some time for my application to get processed! Now there's the whole adventure of picking classes (Nihongo 1!!) and sorting out student loans and everything, but at least I'm in!

Since I wasn't sleeping, I transferred to the couch and watched two hours of college gymnastics that TiVo magically saved for me a while ago, and then dozed around as I waited to find out if futsal with Sarah, her sister and her boyfriend, and some of her sister's school mates was on (it was a bit damp this morning).

We watched Desperate Housewives, and then, since it was on, I got ready for, and went to futsal. I walked down to Todai, but accidentally went to the Todai 2 campus, instead of Todai 1 (they're kind of connected). Trying to meet up with Sarah was quite funny though - we had a conversation something like this.

"What gate are you at?"
"Main gate"
"Me too"
"Can you see the clock tower?"
"Well I can't see you. That's weird."
"Yea, I've walked around the building and didn't see you"
"Is the building red, brick, and squat?"

Ten minutes "Are we on two different campuses?"
Aha! Two different Todais, two different clock towers in red brick buildings, two different main gates...

We finally met up, and then met up with her sister and her sister's boyfriend, and then joined in for a few hours of pretty low-key, low-contact, but lots of fun futsal (actually, it was kind of bigger than futsal... a nice size as you could play some decently long balls, and play 6v6 plus a keeper... We kept alternating teams and stuff, so it was all very casual, and we ended up playing for about 2 and a half hours, on and off... Amazingly, no part of my body complained too much about it, which made me very happy!

After that, Sarah and I came back here to change and then met back up with her sis/bf for dinner. We went to a cute and tasty place in Shimokitazawa, which was interesting as it was like yakiniku style meat, but already cooked...It was a really good deal too, with a dinner set of meat, rice, salad, and soup, plus a drink and desert coming to just a shade over 10$... Basically lunch set prices but at night...golden :)

Headed home, and now just watching some Sex and the City, before heading to bed pretty early I think - teaching at ten, and then heading to TAC idol in the afternoon...


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