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Sunday, May 20, 2007

So up early again today to go teach in Shibuya at 10, it was the taxi guy, and as is starting to happen more and more regularly, we somewhat struggled for something to talk about. When the last movie you've seen is The Mask, from what, ten years ago? it's a bit of a challenge!

Anyway, we got through that and I headed to Tokyu Hands to buy pin backs and ended up also getting onigiri forms and wrappers (you can truly buy ANYTHING in there!)

I came home, and then pretty soon after, Peter and I headed to meet Kong at a very, very, very busy suji's for a pre American Club Idol brunch. I didn't actually have time to eat since I had to be at TAC at 2 to interview some of the contestants before the event kicked off at 3.

It was really good fun! There were 16 acts (12 soloists, 4 bands) from international schools, mostly in Tokyo, but also as far away as Nagoya, who were selected to participate in the American Idol-esque day, MC'd by Lisle. Everyone was really excited and confident going into it, and they should have been - they were all really good! You can read more about it in the June 15 issue of Weekender :)

I got to be right up at the front to take lots of pictures, which was a great view, but did mean getting crawled on by a few kids - they were cute though, one girl in grade one looked over at me and said "I just wish that I could be the TAC American Club Idol!" Kawaii ne!?

After the event, which was very well attended, Peter and I decided to go back to Suji's for dinner, since I hadn't got to eat brunch, and also missed out on the Krispy Kreme donuts, so I was starving, which a Jason Burger quickly took care of! Kong also ran into us outside, so he joined us too. It was the place to be, as between the two trips to Sujis, I ran into three CPI people and saw two other people that I know as well...

Got home around 9, and now I'm just watching the very action-packed season finale of Ugly Betty before heading to bed... I'm working tomorrow instead of friday, so I have to be up early, and given my luck, that will be the day I want to sleep in! Ah well..


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