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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Soggy day today! Taught in Shibuya at 10:30--taxi guy, who spent most of the lesson discussing how his company is facing possible legal action due to their regular disregard for labor laws. He's not a big one on confidentiality!

After that, I had an hour or so before I needed to meet Navina and Sarah, so I went to Three Minutes Happiness (isn't that a great store name!) to buy an umbrella, and then wandered by the Apple store to drool over macbook pros. *DROOL!* they were randomly having a great little concert in the corner of the store - quite a large (8 piece?) band was playing a roots type gig...It was great! Random, but great!

Went to meet Sarah and Navina at Hachiko, and then we went up to TGIF's (flair!) for lunch and a chat. After that, we sloshed our way around through the GAP, UNIQLO and Bic Camera, before dropping back into the nice dry subway. I decided, against all better judgement to go to soccer (honestly, I'm like a dog with a bone when I get an idea!), but when I got there, it was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. I did randomly meet a really nice girl who was working there though - Japanese, she grew up largely in the states, and therefore spoke perfect English. Since no one was playing, we just chatted for about half an hour, before I gave up on anyone coming and headed home. I did find out that the reason that the turfs close in the summer is because there is a swimming pool underneath! It has a retractable floor, that they push up in the winter and role the turf over, and then in the summer, they drop the floor down and fill it back up with water!

Headed home for origin bentos and choco cro for dinner, and since then we've just been chilling with Sex and the City and pink books...

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