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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Will post photos and video from yesterday's fishing excursion on this blog, as today wasn't so exciting-work, which was busy and fun, went for lunch with Helen at Wolfgang Pucks, very tasty, and had a busy day working to get Weekender ready to go to print on Thursday. Went to teach after, it was pretty easy - math and spelling for the little girl, and her brother had no homework but got really really into the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, so that was good! After that I wandered to the outlet store at the Aoyama Book Centre, and picked up a couple of things (books, like facebook, are seriously my crack!) Of all things, I was excited to pick up a typography book, although all of my friends who might be excited about that with me, live in Toronto, and are part of the facebook group "Last night, I kerned your mother".

Yes, we are just that cool.

Anyway, Navina hung out in Shimo Kitazawa, and Peter and Hitomi got back from Hawaii tonight, so it was great to see them again-sounds like they had a lovely trip!

And now, for the angling photos/video:

(I don't think this place has changed at all since it opened in 1963!)(The smart fish congregate by the bubbles in the centre)
(some of us had a laugh while fishing...)
(...while some of us concentrated a little bit harder)
(the girls got some help from that guy wearing the white shirt...he called it 'princess fishing')

(baiting the miniature hooks was a goopy process!)
(but the fish seemed to love the snacks...)
(and eventually, one was stupid enough to get hooked! I shrieked like a wussy girl, and the guy unhooked it for me...)

(and then passed it off to Jordon to put in the net (so we could keep track of our points, though I think we probably could have collectively remembered "3" between us))

(but then goldie took a leap for freedom!)(...and lay gasping on the floor until Jordon scooped him back up and saved him (unless he was one of the two fish who died in front of me minutes later...seeing something take its last swimming stroke and then croak is a bit disturbing!)

And of course, there's the requisite bad quality video of the whole endeavor:

Dani does some princess fishing

Jordon fishes (or well tries to set the line I guess?)

xo D

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