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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yikes crazy busy day today! Up at 5:40, emailed SFU about stuff for next year, puttered around online, tried to tidy up a bit for Felly and co today, left for the gym at 6:40, 'Exciting Kick' class till 7:45, home at 7:55, Gardeners knocking on the door at 8:02, confusion ensuing, they wouldn't come through the house, so jumped up on 6ft high, 4 inch wide concrete wall and inched along that with their ladder, called Peter to see what to do about Venus, gardeners were called off to their appointed time, FINALLY left for work way late, stopped by to see Peter and bring him his vonage on the way to work, got to a vending machine and realised my wallet was in my gym bag, back up to borrow lunch money from Peter, finally got to work at 11, lunch with Helen at Wolfgang's, brief donki stop, work till five, taught till 7 (we're reading frindle), swung past subway, got dinner to go, made it back to the byoin by 7:45, saw Lisle, hung out with Peter, left the hospital around 9:30, home at ten, article, facebook, skype (just installed--anyone have it?), and now, 12:20, and I'm thinking basically time for bed!

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