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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy day yesterday!

Went to the gym around seven, and just biked, did the elliptical (neither for a particularly long amount of time), did a few weights, stretched quickly, and then got organised to go to work...

Went to Suji's for lunch in between getting Weekender ready to go to print tomorrow (such a cute cover!) and working on BAB for next week... I did Women of the World, and found some interesting stories, including 18 year old Samantha Larson from the US, who just became the youngest foreign female to summit Everest, and the youngest person to ever complete the 7 summits (highest mountain on each continent). On top of that, she graduated with a 4.43 GPA, plays the oboe in all sorts of orchestras, and has just deffer ed her admission to Stanford for a year in order to do the whole Everest thing! Congratulations to her, but way to make the rest of us feel lazy!

Anyway, ended up staying at work until just after nine with Helen, making changes to get everything ready to go to print.. It has such a cute cover though! I love the picture, so excited to see it out next Thursday...

After that, Helen and I ended up having dinner at TGIFriday's which was great fun! So much fun in fact, that I ended up missing my last Hibiya line train, so ended up walking to Nogizaka, where luckily I got the late last train... Since Odakyu line leaves yoyogi uehara quite late, I'm lucky that chiyoda line is late as well! The TGI's area of Roppongi is so annoyingly full of pushy club promoters, but luckily on the other side of Roppongi Dori, it's much better! I put on my 'don't mess with me' walk and scowl that I learned off mom (no one would ever bother her as she marches along radiating negative energy!) and honed in Toronto, and no one even really looked at me... I still feel safer doing that than walking around York at 9pm, which says quite a lot I think!

Anyway, made it home totally fine, got some sleep, and back up to go back to work now... BAB day today I think, so lots of layout...


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