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Monday, May 28, 2007

So, the rest of the story-

I've been fairly quiet about where everything has been taking place the last few days, but anyway, on Saturday, Peter had a bit of a freak accident at the dog park, and broke his femur! Shitty, ne?

It's a clean break right above the knee, and they're still deciding whether or not he'll have surgery, so in the meantime, he's ensconsed in a very very nice hospital, surfing the net, watching TiVo, and trying to stay vaguely comfortable...

Initially, he was in Kesatsu Byoin, which is the police hospital, and was put in the plague room (can't be too careful with the foreigners)! The hosptital was a bit ghetto-brown and sludgy in the wall and ceiling tiles, Hitomi saw someone come in in handcuffs, and the whole place was a bit pallid... (and all the window sills were covered in 4-inch rusty nails, to prevent escapage?)

Luckily, Peter got the last bed in Sanno today, which is very close to my office (and Hitomi's), and centrally located for most of his friends. It's also much more like a Best Western (at least) than a hotel, with wooden furniture, a big private room with view of Midtown and Tokyo Tower and the Mori Bld. at Roppongi, TV, internet, carpeting, etc. All the medical stuff is hidden away, and it's enough to make you forget you're in a hospital, even for phobic me!

Anyway best wishes to Peter for a speedy recovery, but I should head to bed, another long and busy day tomorrow!

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