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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, summer is here, or at least coming, as I found out at the meltingly hot futsal game I went to this afternoon. According to, it felt like 30C, which when I wasn't running around, was actually OK, but sprinting up and down in the pounding-down sun bouncing off the turf, it was very, very unpleasant! I think ll be sticking to the evening sessions now, after the sun goes down! It was good to have a run-around though, and even if I didn't play THAT hard (trying not to die of heat stroke and all that), I didn't play too terribly, and I wasn't in pain, so all in all, I'd consider that a fairly successful futsal outing.

Other than that, slept in, worked a bit on some writing stuff, and Peter took Venus to the dog park, which I'm sure she enjoyed-she's been absolutely splayed out on the couch since the two of us got home!

Off to keep cross-referencing classes at SFU so I can try and figure out what to take next year, while watching Sex and the City--always a good form of mindless entertainment!

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