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Monday, May 14, 2007

Today is Navina's last day here, which seems crazy-I feel like she only just got here! Although we were thinking about it, and it seems like some of the stuff we did, like the BBQ and everything seems like it was ages ago, but overall, it seems pretty fast!

Today we had a pretty relaxed morning, and then went to check out Akihabara-what a place for my inner geek, pretty amazing!! We checked out a few of the big electronics shops, and I planned all the ways I could dress up my laptop I don't even own, and Navina bought a case for hers, and then after some Korean food (yummy!) for lunch, we headed to Ryogoku to watch the sumo.

The tournament opened yesterday, and Peter told us they wouldn't sell out if we went in the afternoon, however, unfortunatly, they definitly had, and so we weren't able to watch any of the wrestling, which was really too bad-we were both looking forward to it! We did hang out where everyone else was poised with their cameras though and Navina managed to get some pictures of Sumo wrestlers leaving the stadium.

After that, we headed home via the Shinjuku takeshimaya times square Tokyo Hands, and then in the station, stopped for choco cro before heading home. We had bentos for dinner, and watched some Friends, and now Navina is doing the depressing vacation-ending act of packing...

She gets on a bus at just past 11 tomorrow, and heads home while I head to work...

(More pics of Disney Sea below-taken by Navina)...

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