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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Work and the etc. today...Weekender stuff in the morning, got it off to print, then my monthly meeting and BAB all afternoon/evening. I ended up staying til just before ten so that I could keep working on BAB layout... By six, I only had 3 pages in, but by the time I left, I think I basically had about 12 in, which was good--I was much happier to stay late today and get more in than be worrying about it on the weekend, and having an absolute pile to do before we go to print next week... Not that it will be relaxed, but at least it will be 4 hours of solid laying-out less chaotic...

Managed to be a total zombie on the way home, and took a slightly different route to avoid going through Roppongi at night (so couldn't autopilot through my stations, but did anyway) in the end, I got on my train going the wrong direction...and didn't notice for about six stops until I was like 'hang on, I don't remember this stop!' Doh!

Stopped for a bento on the way home (going low+tired=not cooking!) and then Peter and I watched the first episode of 'on the lot' which is a pretty good reality show about people competing for a 1 million dollar deal and director's position with Dreamworks.

Now, bed! And sleeping in hopefully, though with my luck, probably not ;)


PS: In other news: Canadian teenagers aren't lazy and this guy is one heck of a nutty snake-seller!

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