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Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to Peter, who was supposed to be staying in the Ritz and instead had surgery in the hotel-like Sanno Byoin! Luckily, everything went fairly well I think, and I saw him last night, where we watched ANTM together, and he was a general sh*t disturber with his poor nurses, trying to stop using the O2 before he was ready to do that, drinking Ginger Ale before they thought he was ready to do that, and the big one--eating a couple of crackers and a bit of bagel...The poor girl was NOT impressed with that one! She looked a bit relieved when Hitomi came, and there was a definite feeling of 'OK, can you PLEASE control your patient here, because he ain't listening to me, cute hat and all!'

She's just lucky that Peter didn't tuck into the cake that he got from the Ritz Carleton (where he'll be staying in July to make up for last night)
(top of the box the cake came in)
(his bone cake-so cute! The chocolate thing reads "Happy XX (they got it right) Birthday, Peter") Now that's personalised service with a smile!!)

Stayed at the hospital until about 9, when I realised I was asleep on the little stool I was leaning against the wall on... oops! Managed to watch most of Canada's Next Top Model though...It's good-their in TO this time, so I can do another season of location spotting, though it won't be as good as last year's in Victoria ("OMG They're at the Empress!" "OMG They're at the Ocean Pointe!" etc). Speaking of random stuff like that, trying to find out about Canada-day event in Gotemba, I was on the phone with the guy organising, and asked if he was in charge, and he's like:
"Yea, I'm from Victoria", and I was
"Oh, me too!"
"Brentwood Bay"
"Yea, I'm close to that! What high school did you go to?"
"Hey, me too!"

Other than that, the day was basically BAB in the morning-it finally went to print! (And I realised I dreamt about it AGAIN last night...ah well!), writing a review about Madison Park Cafe in Midtown - Hotdogs Gone Good indeed!, learning about Joe Le Taxi (not so work-related, granted), researching the US/Canada feature, etc. We went for lunch at Suji's, and then ended up back down there at 5:30 where we sampled the smoothies they are developing for the summer menu-rather tasty! After that, headed to the hospital, and that's where I started...

Now, off to the ROXY/Quiksilver staff store in Shibuya :)

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