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Monday, June 11, 2007

So the busy week has started, and is off to a better start than expected, all things considered. I got to the office around 8 and worked until 10:30, trying to get some small things out of the way--emails, preparing for distribution, etc.

Left at 10:30 and headed down to teach this girl from the prenup company (thank god its just at Roppongi Crossing!) We had our two hour lesson (she's very sweet, but pretty beginner, hopefully we can improve her skills in the next 18 hours of lessons!)

Back to the office around 1:20, and stayed till five--actually managed to cross off a bunch of little things including a very cute phone interview with some of the kids who were in Pirates of Penzance, clearing out some ancient press releases (why was I keeping that crap?) in my drawers, emailing a bunch of people, setting up interviews, making a blank BAB template, finishing Women of the World, and dropping it into layout. All in all, not so bad.

Headed straight from CPI to the marking orientation, which was, as expected fairly bureacratic, straightforward, and appealed to my form filling-out side. Good to see Sarah and Co. as well, so not a bad night all around, especially when they let us out half an hour early, and still paid us for the whole time :)

Headed home and made a snack and lunch dinner for tomorrow-I'm calling it pastew--it was pasta and then when I dumped in half a bag of veggies and some white stew-sauce, it morphed into pastew. I added some smokies, and voila, tasty snack!

Falling asleep to Season 1 friends now...

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