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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great day yesterday! Went down to Shibuya at about eleven to meet Helen, but went a bit early so I could browse the magazine section at Tower-it's so great, b/c they don't really mind if you read them, and they carry the best selection of foreign mags, so I was reading one article or so from all my favorites, unable to decide which one to look at most-flicked through METROPOLIS, dwell, Conde Naste Traveller, the New Yorker, Metropolitan Home, etc... I'm such a magazine junkie!

Anyway, after Helen got there, we headed down to the ROXY/quiksilver staff shop and had a great time trying half the store on! We both ended up with a few cute items, and then carried on to GAP and UNIQLO before collapsing for lunch at a really cute little Italian place, where you can sit upstairs and outside, but it's all covered so it's nice and cool--and so tasty!

Then Helen headed off to the gym and I went to spend the afternoon with Peter, who was in much better spirits than the day before! Mibu also came for most of it, so the three of us were hanging out, and then we went and got a coffee while Peter actually got out of bed, which seems soon to me, but the nurses were all over him doing that, so there you go!

I left them at about 7:30, about to start a movie, and headed to Ebisu to meet Helen to go watch Kieron (Cashell) play at What the Dickens in Ebisu. It was fantastic! Good show, good chatting, some good dancing at the end :) We also met a really nice couple from Toronto, and I finally got to meet Kieron's wife, who seems lovely!

Home on the last train, and then into bed pretty early...all in all-great!

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