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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

So realised I missed a day, oops, but it wasn't overly exciting! Went to work, then went to teach those two kids for the second-to-last time (the boy read 6 Narnia books in two weeks!!). We read Frindle all together for a bit which was fun-I love that book! Then I went to teach a new student, a very sweet girl who wants to practice business English. Her conversational level is pretty high already, so it should be good--she lived in Vancouver for a year which is cool...

Came home and tried to sort out more SFU stuff--chufty badge for the philosophy dept. faxing me course descriptions straight to work, for free, and smack bottom to YSDN for being horrible, as usual "Were you a design major?" she asks, when I call up to get YSDN course descriptions. No--I was a math major, but I thought the YSDN dept. would be able to help me. Honestly! She was all crabby, and wouldn't fax anything, even within Canada, because, as she snapped, 'it's way too much'. Its good to see what $6800/year will buy you!

Today, I got up at six and went to the gym to do the Slim Jog class, which was good-complicated steps, but I started to get it at the end-there are some super keeners who know the whole 50-minute routine by heart, but I'll be happy when I stop tripping over myself! On the plus side, the UNIQLO capri workout pants Helen and I got are SOOO comfy!

Got to work about 9:30, sorted out some things for the June 15 Weekender, and then started writing the feature for July 6 (we're getting so organized, touch wood!). At one, I went to TAC (American Room) for a lovely thank-you lunch to do with the TAC idol that we put on the cover of June 15 Weekender (I think it's a great cover, stay tuned on the website!) Was back in the office for a few hours, and then went to Global Kids Academy to talk to the kids about pets-very cute! Also met the mascot dog Connie who is a pretty adorable golden lab.

Back to the office to download photos and make sure I didn't need to do anything for going to print tomorrow, saw Caroline briefly, and left just before 7. I phoned Peter, who declined my visit due to his 7 o'clock appointment (visitors #8 and 9 today!) and headed home. Got back here around 8, abandoned my plans of cooking, which is kind of too bad, as I was looking forward to it, and instead had stoners and cream cheese (OMG-sooo good!)

About to head downstairs to watch some TV, and quite possibly fall asleep down there in major chillax mode--lovely!

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