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Saturday, June 23, 2007

So this month seems to be the month of new and random part-time jobs for Dani! (but not till the end of the day)

I slept in, as its the one day a week that I can do so, until about 9:30, at which point V came barreling down the hall doing wind sprints so enthusiastically she was shaking the house. She was also barking, which for her is sooo unusual I actually thought it was a neighbour's dog! Anyway, she woke me up, and we eventually figured out that she was so hyper because she'd stolen and inhaled a good 30-40 gummy worms that Peter had left on the living room table yesterday--oops!

Hung out at home this morning, trying to be vaguely productive and look at some courses for next year, but discovered that my enrollment appt isn't till the 3rd week in July, so I'm A) not so panicked about it anymore, and b) hoping that I'm not like last! I REALLY REALLY want to get into Japanese 1 and 2!!

Headed down to Shibuya to teach (stylist) at one, and then wandered around for quite a while trying to do street snaps and having absolutely no success! I saw lots of foreign guys, with Japanese girls, and any of the foreign women I saw, and there were only a small handful of them, looked royally pissed off! Will try again tomorrow!

Anyway, ended up at coffee shop by a plug, ready to work on my BAB article, only to discover that I'd left the power cord at home, tit (to borrow a phrase) that I am! I CAN'T wait to start getting paid for the marking and teaching so I can buy a mac!!! So excited!

By this point, I only had a couple of hours before I had to be at work at 6, and I could have gone home, but I was walking distance to work, so just killed time reading and wandering around and stuff. Not as productive as I might have hoped, but not so bad.

Anyway, at six, I turned up for my new very part time (like on call the occasional weekend) job-working at the pink cow. Its a super cute&funky little restaurant in Shibuya that does tons of special events and is known for being foreigner friendly. Karin works there sometimes too, and mentioned to the owner that I would be interested in the occasional night, and here we go! It was pretty straightforward-rolling cutlery, passing out plates for the buffet-diners, and busing tables at the end of the night, but there was a great vibe, and there are certainly harder/crapper ways to make some money, plus, we got to eat the buffet, which was sooo tasty-Karin did a good job as kitchen prep chef!

Worked till 11, and then Karin and I had a drink and headed to the station around 12-home by 12:30, and heading to bed now, as I have to be back in Shibuya tomorrow am at 10 to teach (and hopefully find some street snaps!)


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