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Monday, June 04, 2007

Yesterday I meant to sleep in, but I woke up, starving, at 7:45, so somehow, by 8, I was working on the crossword for Weekender! It was interesting, because our normal crossword maker wasn't able to do it, so we did it, sort of by team effort, and it was hard! Luckily, to fill space at the end, I was able to use lots of state abbreviations as answers (but the clues were just to do with the state), so it ended up being a two parter clue with shorter answers!

I went to the hospital in the early afternoon, and stayed with Peter for a little bit, but he had visitors and meetings all afternoon, so since I couldn't really stay there, but I needed to write the feature for Weekender, I headed down to the office for a couple of hours (they just can't keep me out of there!) and then around six, headed back to Peter's for a bit before heading home for a quiet evening with V...

In other news check this out-The Buried Life is starting up again, which is cool! Good luck to everyone!

And, check out these super cute pictures of Ringo and Iago mom took!!
(click on the image to go to her blog, and then scroll down about 3 posts)

Off to work now,

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jack nadelle said...

Thanks for the reference to the buried life-it looks really interesting and fun!