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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hmmm yesterday (ed; now two days ago)...I did actually start blogging and then kind of gave up-it was an interesting day for me in that I got to work on a ton of different things for work, but all things considered, not such an interesting day from the outside since I just got up, decided not to go to the gym (good actually, as it turns out it was closed!), got to the office for 9ish, worked on BAB and Wkr (more BAB than Wkr)--we picked cover photos yesterday, which I love doing, especially since for BAB the cover photo decides the colour throughout, so when I get to start dropping that in, it seems like its all coming together more somehow. From what I remember of the cover-picking day, somehow now two days ago, I left the office about 8 and got home around 9, but who knows! It's all a bit foggy at this point-hence the benifits of daily blogging! I think that was the day Helen first skyped us, which was pretty entertaining, as we couldn't quite sort out how to answer the call, turn on the microphone, get the video working, etc. but once we did, it was great!

Moving on to yesterday (the 26th)

I headed to the gym, but missed the exciting kick class that I wanted to get to due to Venus being a gomi-eating rat who spread the unburnable garbage EVERYWHERE, very annoying! Anyway, made it in time to bike and stretch and do weights, but all fairly quickly, it was good though, not too much strain on ye oldy cold, but nice to work out a little bit... Came home and shared a taxi to work with Peter who was heading to TAC for a meeting, and then working on Wkr and BAB. We got a proof of Wkr. ready to send out to everyone around 5, and then I spoke to Helen around 7 before heading home and to bed early, planning also to sleep in till 7:30 today-it was great!!!

Didn't go to the gym this morning, but was lovely and refreshed after almost 8 hours of sleep! Headed to Caroline's on my way to work this morning, and we took photos for the PSA we're doing about the Lindsay Ann Hawker tshirt campaign Being A Broad has started. Watch for a jpg of the ad tomorrow--

For those who missed it, Linsday was a 22-year-old English teacher who was tragically murdered at the end of March. Although police were called to the main suspect's apartment, and he went tearing past them and ran away, they didn't arrest him (or catch him at the time), and now it is widely believed that someone is hiding him. As it's fallen out of the Japanese (and International, I presume) news, BAB is making T-shirts with a security photo of the suspect, and the words (in Japanese) "Until this man is caught, I can't sleep at night"

We took some photos of Caroline wearing the shirt and then Karin was able to design the ad/PSA today--I think it looks really, really good, very direct, yet I think very tasteful and sensitive to her family and her memory. It's a full page going in July 6 Wkr, and I think may become a series....

Also finished the Wkr for print tomorrow--very exciting to have disks burnt by 6pm tonight!!! We all had a good chat with Helen today-we're much more on with the skype, and so everyone was laughing and joking with her like she was in the office, it was good fun! Also worked on BAB-Marie took some great street-snaps photos for me and I got Jen and Karin (poor girls haha!) to write me articles, which, like total stars they did/are doing, and slowly but surely, we're turning the pagination yellow (content is going into design).

Emma left (prepping for a vacay tomorrow), and then came back to the office as she'd forgotten something, but she got me out of there around 7 to head to Suji's for a quick snack-Jason is on a very delicious desert-testing kick, and we got to try out some yummy chocolate chip cookies and brownies... So excited for the chocolate chip cookies and vanilla icecream sandwiches that they're planning...mmmmmmmmmmmm

Got home, and shortly thereafter Peter called to see about dinner, and then called back and said my choices were to cook or order pizza. So, I ordered pizza. Which requires telling them your phone number, which I successfully managed (and then they look up your address which is handy) but then they were out of supreme, and out of large-sized pan pizza dough, and out of chikitatsu, and i'm just thinking, honestly, what kind of pizza joint is this! I did however manage to successfully order a medium pizza, corn, and fries, and we ate all that with Yuki, who I originally met way back at New Years on the beach in Waikiki-10 days before I started at CPI, which seems odd that I wasn't working then! She's in Japan for a couple of weeks and it was fun to see her again and everything...

Anyway, I am working now, and my alarm is going off in about 6 hours, so I think I really need to get some sleep!


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