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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yesterday was very much not exciting, but that's ok-chilling out days are good occasionally, I suppose! I'd wanted to sleep in, but unfortunately had to teach at 10, so was up at 8, and walked down to Shibuya, where I installed myself with a coffee and my current book (How to Talk to A Widower) which is so far, so good. I also read his last book--the Book of Joe, and remember enjoying that one... Anyway, so I'm in the coffee shop waiting for him to turn up, and waiting, and waiting (I got there early), and then at like 10:15, check my phone, and at 10:13, he'd called to cancel my 10am lesson. Ugh! On the one hand, it was good, because he still has to pay, and I just got to have coffee and read, but on the other hand, he could have cancelled a bit earlier (like last night!), still had to pay, and I could have slept in!

Ah well.. Headed up through the park and over to Harajuku to do street snaps, which was marginally more successful-I got one done and then it started to rain. One is better than none though i guess! The rain was pretty gross though-it wasn't raining hard at all, but it was sooo hot, so very much like being in a sauna-unpleasant!!

Got home, and called home and then Navina, after having had a minor (ok-major) freak out--I managed to lock myself out of facebook by changing networks and then deleting the address I'd originally signed up using! Luckily, in the auto-reply to my panicked email, they had a link to a help page which sorted me out-I was able to log in with the email I'd used to switch to the SFU network... phew!

Basically chilled out while Peter was working, I've been fighting a minor cold for the last 5 or so days, and figured that doing not much of anything was probably a good idea before what is sure to be another busy week kicks off today--at least that's my justification for having not written anything this weekend! I should be ok time-wise though, (we hope!-it's lucky I write fairly fast!)

Woke up, and Peter was doing some work, so I got caught up on some episodes of the OC that they had watched while I was working at the Pink Cow the night before, and then headed to bed pretty early... Just about to get ready to go to work now--I'm excited to see the BAB cover shots which arrived at 7pm Friday so I didn't have a chance to look at them, and then also to meet the new girl who will be taking over for Jen when she goes on maternity--exciting-she's from Canada, so I get some backup (but maybe I'll have to stop blaming not knowing how to spell on being from Canada-I can never remember if traveller should have one L or two in Weekender or BAB and vice versa, and I always blame stuff like that on the Canadian way of taking a bit from the colour pot and a bit from the color pot).


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